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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bloomberg, Independents, & Green Party a strong positive force

Michael Bloomberg, America's leading Green.

Michael Bloomberg has the smarts, experience, resources, and popular support to change U.S. Green Party politics with a simple: Yes.  With Michael Bloomberg as the U.S Green Party leader, the U.S. media blackout of the Green Party would end. 


Many of us hope to hear Michael Bloomberg say:   


"Yes, I Michael Bloomberg will join and seek to lead the UnitedStates Green Party in electing members of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S Senate.   And elect Green Party candidates to local and state government."    

Even more we would love to hear Michael Bloomberg say, " I am running for President of the United States." 


As the Green Party nominee for President, Michael Bloomberg could lead a full slate of Green Party candidates into office.   Yes, we know Michael Bloomberg has said he will not run for President.

Still we have hope, he might change his mind in 2012.   There is still a little time.  The Green Party convention is in July in Baltimore.  Greens understand.  Noone else is like Michael Bloomberg with the capacity to change the American political dynamic in 2012.  The Green Party is the United States third largest political party.  Combine Independents and Greens as only Bloomberg can do, and you have made the Green Party America's next major party.  


The Green Party presidential primary is well underway.  It's been a well run, and positive presidential primary for the Green Party in the U.S.  Easily the Greens best ever.   Retired medical Doctor Jill Stein has run a "friendly, intelligent, constructive campaign".   Housewife. Mother.  Dr. Stein is a veteran Green Party politico having run twice for Governor.  She knows how to run a large campaign.  Dr. Stein is running on the "Green New Deal", and as a "fiscal hawk".  Both have been platforms that have elected Green Party candidates to office around the world.  The up beat Dr. Stein Green Party campaign is growing the party, bringing new people to the Greens, and exciting the base. According to most reports Dr. Stein has received about 50% of all delegates awarded so far. Under Green Party convention rules, Dr. Stein has not clinched the delegates required to have the nomination wrapped up before the convention.   The Green Party will still likely have an Open Convention. 

Hollywood, TV, and Movie Star Rosanne Barr got into the Green Party presidential primary very late.  Rosanne filed so late, she missed the deadline for many Green Party state primaries.   Still Rosanne Barr has impressed.  Rosanne broke the media blackout for the Greens a few days.   Rosanne offered a strong message to Greens. A successful business woman, and internationally known entertainer, Rosanne Barr is running second in the Green Party presidential primary.  Even, when most of her votes have been write ins.  Rosanne Barr is on the California Green Party primary ballot.  Rosanne could receive a huge block of delegates there, and go into the convention generating excitment and attention.  

Dr. Kent Mesplay is the third Green Party candidate seeking the Presidential nomination to have won significant delegates so far in the primary.  

Michael Bloomberg has the ability in the next three months to change the American political landscape in a profound way and in that process fundamentally grow the U.S. Green Party into the nation's leading political party.

Bloomberg leading the Green Party could and would mean a brand new race, not just for President, but also for Green Party candidates elected to the U.S. Congress.  Bloomberg action now in concert with the Green Party could energize the American body politic and provide the positive Green solutions America and the world need.  Michael Bloomberg is the man to lead this effort.    

Let's remember.  It was a Green Party, the Independent Green Party of Virginia that actually put Michael Bloomberg on their ballot line for President.  That was four years ago.  There is a successful record of the Bloomberg and Independent Green Party alliance.  It is time to renew, and grow green with Michael Bloomberg. 



Please say yes, Mr. Bloomberg. 



9:44 am edt 

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We NEED true fiscally conservative, and socially responsible people in federal office.  Plain and simple. It's socially responsible to balance the federal budget and pay off the federal debt within ten years.

Michael Bloomberg can get the job done.

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